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Mikroteknicas CA is a highly skilled in technology consulting company, we provide telecommunications services and Web Technology Excellence. Our offers are tailored to your needs, and we use the application of the best technical and technological tools for the inclusion of our services in your business are effective. Our services are available for all Latin America because we are a company of international services, our team has the skills to perform their activities honestly, fairly and honestly. Since it is important for us to provide the best service with the best care.


We are an ethical and honest company, we maintain stable relationships and long-term customer guided by transparency, our work environment based on trust and commitment.

We have a great team composed by qualified professionals and enthusiasts who perform their tasks with talent, just as we have the best technological tools, to offer high-speed services, functionality and very stable.

Our main objective is customer satisfaction, our services are focused on providing value and great presence to your company by implementing the best market technology strategies, we adapt to the needs of our customers through personalized attention, and implementing permanently continuous improvement.